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MoMo instructions

Read the instructions and use the device safely.


Size (approx.) 80.9×32.5mm
Capacity (approx.) 20ml
Input DC 5V/0.3A
Weight (approx.) 34.4g
Battery Rechargeable
Full Charge 1hour
Material ABS plastic
Accessory USB charging cable
Power 2W

How to Use:

Charge the device with the USB cable. Red LED light will flash and stops when it is fully charged.
Turn the lid counterclockwise and fill in the tank with water.
Press the button twice. Green LED light turns on and steam will come out.
To maximize the effect, spray on your skin from 15cm away for 30 seconds.
Press the button once to turn it off. The device automatically turns off after 3 minutes.

Package contains:

Device, USB Cable, User’s Guide


At the end of the day, empty the tank and wipe off the device. Dry the device thoroughly and put the lid back on.
When steam does not come out as it should, wipe the tip with a soft cloth or a swab.


The design or specifications might change without further notice.

Keep away from heat.

Keep away from small children.

The tank can only be filled with water.

Do not disassemble or try to repair unless you are an engineer.

Do not break the cable.

Do not throw the device into fire.

Do not touch the USB Cable with wet hands.

Do not clean the device with chlorinated, acidic, or alkalinity cleaner.

Do not use the device where it’s unstable.

Refrain from using the device around pets.

When you notice there is something wrong with the device, stop using it immediately.

Do not step on it or shake it hard.

Replace water in the tank everyday and keep it clean.

Only use the contained USB Cable to charge the device.

Do not leave the water in the tank.

Do not block the steam nozzle.

Empty the tank after every use and dry it thoroughly.

Empty the tank before charging the device.

Make sure the lid is on and locked before using.

Clean the steam nozzle with a soft cloth or a swab.

Do not use the USB Cable for other purposes.

Copying a part of or all of this user’s guide is expressly prohibited.

※ Content of this user’s guide may change without further notice.

We will not take responsibility for any damage or harm caused by any use except as instructed here.

Water doesn’t come out properly?

Water might be stuck around the steam nozzle. Clean the tip with a soft cloth or a swab.
Using the device without enough charging or long time of continuous use will result in water congestion. Dry the device thoroughly before using.
The device is not a humidifier. In order to moisturize your skin properly, do not use the device for a long time. (20-30seconds per use is recommended.)
Tilting or turning the device upside down might cause water congestion.
Steam will be pushed back into the nozzle when used under windy conditions. Clean the steam nozzle with a soft cloth or a swab and dry the device thoroughly.
Depending on air temperature and humidity, water congestion could occur.



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